Round Plains Plantation Bakery

Home of Ontario Sweet Potatoes & Round Plains Plantation Bakery

We operate a certified bakery featuring a number of sweet potato treats including a selection of muffins, tarts, cookies and breads made with organic spelt flour from the Brant Flour Mill. We have a separate kitchen for gluten free products using primarily brown rice, buckwheat and tapioca flours. All our baking is dairy free using rice milk and offer many selections which are sweetened by organic raw agave and egg free using ground flax seed. Our kitchen also offers an array of vegan and non vegan sweet potato products.

During the summer there is activity in the bakery Monday to Friday so customers are welcome and or by appointment.
Winter months by appointment.

A list of our items for your enjoyment include:

  • apple raisin muffin, using oat bran and whole wheat flour, with mashed sweet potato, a sugar free muffin using agave
  • cranberry walnut with mashed and grated sweet potato, this one is also made with gluten free flours and both types use rice milk
  • golden brownie - batter which has grated sweet potato only, topped with a lemon frosting
  • orange date which is egg free, sweetened with maple syrup, gluten and dairy free, has both mashed and grated sweet potato
  • chocolate, and grated sweet potato muffin
  • vegan tart which is gluten and dairy free as well using maple syrup
  • sweet potato and pecan tarts, both with sugar, and sugar free with agave
  • gluten, dairy free sweet potato cookie with coconut and raisins
  • chocolate chip, oatmeal and sweet potato cookie
  • roasted butternut squash, sweet potato and apple soup
  • roasted sweet potato salad
  • 2 canape spread, made with sweet potato and cream cheese, one with pecans and onion with garlic and onion powder and the other with a taco seasoning, black olives and roasted red pepper